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DrySoTec GmbH - the specialists on the subject of flue gas cleaning

We are your partners

for innovative, ecologically and economically optimized state-of-the-art cleaning of flue gases.
Our many years of experience working with the methods:

  • Dry absorption
  • Spray absorption
  • MKT systems
  • Wet scrubbing
  • As well as combined systems

enable us to solve your problem definition in an optimum manner.

Range of application

Our flue gas cleaning plants cover almost all areas where incineration takes place, among others:

  • Bio mass incineration
  • Substitute fuel power stations
  • Household and hazardous waste incineration
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgical processes
  • Sewage sludge incineration
  • Industrial firing and waste gases (glass, ceramics, used tyres…)

Depending on the raw gas situation and the required clean gas values, our plants are designed as tailor-made solutions for the respective application on the basis of BAT criteria (BAT = Best Available Technology).

In order to support our customers in making the correct decision, we study and compare on the basis of our many years of experience the use of conventional additives (lime materials) as well as the use of new, highly efficient additives (NaHCO3(Bicar) and activated coke) in the respective processes.

In addition to the separation of acid waste gas components, we also offer the reduction of the NOx emissions based on the methods of non-catalytic and catalytic reduction.

The outstanding features of our systems are:

  • Values stay safely below applicable limits (even in extreme situations)
  • Simply-to-operate technology, hence safe operation
  • Minimized investments in relation to performance
  • Low maintenance effort and costs
  • Additional cost advantages due to further exploitation of the flue gas heat.