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Innovation thanks to knowledge and experience

DrySoTec GmbH was set up in January 2004 by the two managing directors Dr. rer. nat. Bernd Morun and academically qualified engineer Paul-Udo Schmidt as an innovatively active plant engineering company in the sector of flue gas cleaning.

The two partners of the company alone contribute 35 years of focussed knowledge in process engineering, process development and project handling in the sector of wet, semi-wet and dry flue gas cleaning.

On this basis, the concept emerged of only developing and building ecologically and economically feasible processes.

Therefore, the primary object of the enterprise is planning and building of (conditioned) dry flue gas cleaning plants that clean flue gases from incineration plants using highly efficient additives and adhering to the strictest environmental standards.

For us, an ecological and economical technology means that the frequently arising conflict between adherence to lowest possible emission values and low investment/running costs is solved by exhausting available knowledge and using a mature, easy-to-operate technology.

The team of engineers supporting us in this consists of experienced colleagues working in the areas of design, quality and deadline assurance, as well as assembly coordination, integration of measuring and control technology and commissioning.

Should you be in a position where you face changes, rebuilding or new building or system optimization in the sector of flue gas cleaning, we would be pleased to offer you theoretical and practical support.